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    微软认证模拟试题:SQL Server考题
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        Your company’s S QL Server 7 . 0 dat abase i s backed dail y at m i dn i ght. One morni ng you load a large amount of data by using a nonlogged transaction. You then disable the selectinto/bulkcopy ption. What is the easiest way to restore the validity of the transaction logbackup sequence?

        A. Create a database backup.

        B. Truncate the transaction log.

        C. Backup the transaction log.

        D. Create a differential database backup.

        Answer: D

        You want to improve the performance of a SQL Server 7.0 database by distributing input/output operations across multiple physical disks. You know which tables and indexesare queried most frequently, and you want to place each of them on a separate disk. How canyou place each of the most frequently queried tables and indexes on its own separate disk?Answer: One each disk, create a filegroup consisting of a single file and place each table andindex in its own filegroup.You are planning to use SQL Server Profiler to debug and optimize queries and applicationsin SQL Server 7.0. You want to be able to use SQL Server query-processing tools analyze thedata captured by Profiler. Where should you save the event data that will be captured by the Profiler trace?

        A. In a text file

        B. In a Windows NT Application log

        C. In the trace definition file.

        D. In a SQL Server table

        Answer: D

        Notice: If you want to use SQL Server query processing tools to analyze the captured data, thenyou should save the event data to a table.You must perform multiple identical installations of SQL Server 7.0 in remote branches ofyour company that are not connected to the central office. The network administrators in thebranches have not been trained to install SQL Server 7.0. How can you facilitate theinstallations so that most of the work will be done automatically?Answer: Run SQL Server Setup interactively to install SQL Server on a computer in the centraloffice. During installation, assign the MSSQLServer and SQLServerAgent services to the localsystem user account Send the iss file to the branches.Your Company is using Sql Server 7.0 store corporate business data on a Windows NT Server computer. To assess disk space requirements and to optimize disk space usage you want to know how often new data is record in database, what tool will provide you with information about the frequency of write operations:

        Answer: Windows NT Performance Monitor

        You are the SQL Server 7.0 administrator for your company. You want to identify all errors in the SALES database, but repair only the allocation errors, Which two of the following statements should you issue to identify all errors and repair only all allocation errors?(Choose TWO Answers)



        You provide technical support to companies that use SQL Server 7.0. A customer reportsthat there is a problem, and you are asked to investigate it. You want to capture a trace inSQL server Profiler. What are the minimum permissions that you must have at thecustomer’s S QL Server co mput er t o be ab l e t o creat e and capt ure a Profil er traceAnswer: You must have the EXEC permission for the Profiler extended stored procedures.You are running a web site, you want accounting who is accessing specific tables. Whichshould you use performance monitor to monitor?

        A. Connect event, execution plan event, service control event, SQL username, NT user name.

        B. Attention event, exec prepared sql event, sql username, NT user name

        C. Connect event, disconnect event, existingconnection event, NT user name

        D. Object: opened event, sql user name, NT user name.

        Answer: D

        The departmental server has Full Text search implemented on its SQL server database. Currently both the Full Text database and the database files reside on the same logical drive. You do not want the Full Text indexing to use more than 25% of the available drive space because you want to allow space for dynamic expansion of the data files. You want to be able to remotely monitor the amount of space in use by the catalogs. How should you remotely monitor the space usage with a minimum number of additional administrative steps?

        A. Use the windows NT Performance Monitor to connect to the Server and to monitor the size of the Microsoft Search catalog

        B. Create a scheduled job to regularly monitor the size of the Full Text indexes and send the result to your E-MAIL address

        C. Create a batch file to monitor the size of Full Text indexes and send the result to you viaNetwork Message. Use the Windows NT Scheduler Service to schedule the batch file to run


        D. Create a batch file to monitor the size of the Full Text indexes and send the result to you via Network Message. Create a scheduled job to run the batch file regularly.

        Answer: A

        You are a SQL Server 7.0 system administrator for you company. To provide users with Full Text search capabilities, you create a Full Text catalog and enable Full Text indexing for specific tables in a database. From your Windows NT Workstation computer, you want to remotely monitor the size of the Full Text catalog on Windows NT server computer that is running SQL Server. Which of the following tools is the most convenient to use for monitor the Full Text catalog?

        A. Performance Monitor

        B. Query Analyzer

        C. The SP_MONITOR system stored procedure

        D. SQL Server Profiler.

        Answer: A

        Notice: To obtain real-time information about the size of a specific full-text catalog, you can continuously monitor the appropriate instance of the Microsoft search Indexer Catalogs You load a lot data into your database, then you find that the space for log is almost full, how can you do to ensure the restore: (Choose all that apply)

        A. Make a full backup

        B. Make a differential backup

        C. Backup the transaction log with the default options

        D. Backup the transaction log with truncate only

        Answer: A, D

        The engine manufacturing application records data about all the engines that are manufactured at your plant, the database contains approximately 500 Million records and is approximately 50GB in size. The database increases by 1000 records per day. You want to accomplish the following goals:

        1. Minimize the time required to recover the database

        2. Provide the ability to recover the database to a specific time

        3. Minimize the number of transaction logs that need to be during recovery

        4. Minimize the time required to backup the database

        You take the following actions:1. Schedule a full database backup of the entire database to occur every Sunday at AM 1:00    2. Schedule transaction log backup to occur every day at P.M Which result or results do these action produce? ( Choose all that apply )

        A. The time required to recover the database is minimized

        B. The database can be recovered to a specific time.

        C. The number of transaction logs that need to be applied during recovery is minimized

        D. The time required to backup the database is minimized

        Answer: B, D

        You check the free space on a log file and run a BACKUP LOG WITH NO_LOG on a database that is a publisher for transactional replication. You check the free space after running this command and note that free space has not changed. What is the most likely reason that free space has not changed?

        A. The distributor database is full

        B. Log reader agent has stopped

        Answer: B

        You have 2 tables, T1 & T2, GI should be able to update T1, G2 should be only able to select from T1 and third group G3 able to select and update on T2. The question is how manyapplication roles do you need?

        Answer: 3

        Sales representatives use portable computers. They need to implement replication scenario so that the sales representatives can enter the orders. You want to minimize network traffic:

        A. Transactional

        B. Snapshot with Pull

        C. Snapshot With push

        D. Merge

        Answer: B

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